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Launch of Pan-African Federation of Accountants

The Pan-African Federation of Accountants (PAFA)/Fédération Panafricaine des Experts-Comptables (FEPEC) was recently launched in Dakar. It is composed of 37 professional accountancy organizations from 35 countries, which have joined together to give voice to Africa’s economies and strategy on the global stage.

PAFA President, Major General Sebastian Owuama, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, noted: “As the economies of African countries continue to grow, the contribution of the accountancy profession to sound corporate and public sector financial reporting and good governance is now more important than ever. PAFA will accelerate the development of the profession and strengthen the voice of the profession within Africa and worldwide.”

The launch was hosted by Ordre National des Experts Comptables et Comptables Agréés du Sénégal (ONECCA) with the strong support of IFAC and the World Bank. Dr. Mussa J. Assad, National Board of Accountants and Auditors, Tanzania, was named vice president. The PAFA Secretariat will be hosted by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants in Johannesburg.

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